Who am I? 


Hi there, I'm Jae. That's pronounced without the a or e! :-) Thanks for dropping by! 


I'm a documentary & lifestyle photographer in Manchester.  (If you're unsure of what that means then pop over here). I specialise in wedding and family photography because I'm a massive chatterbox. I love life and finding out about people's stories. Hmm, maybe I'm just nosey! 

I'm a mother of 3 children (Ok maybe not children, they're all old enough to vote!). But don't worry, I'm not that old and decrepit - I still get down and dirty in the mud...   ...just to get the best photography angles you understand! 


Here's my 3 waving my jet setting son off at the airport. 












I'm also a mother to Milo my Tabby cat who has taken attention seeking to epic proportions. He even packed himself in my suitcase to go to India! Check out the photos below...

Milo's partner in crime is Poppy, the cuddly Shitzu. I think it's fair to say they have a love-hate relationship. One minute they're tearing each other's hair out and the next they're cuddled up together. I guess they're like any brother and sister!



































I LOVE films - I'm a complete geek for beautiful cinematography and it heavily influences my work. I like to watch movies three times. I'll analyse the lighting and the camera angles and I'll often have to watch it a third time because I missed half the story! I know, I'm a weirdo, but I just love seeing this amazing world and the people who live here captured in all their beauty.


I LOVE laughing. Like belly laughs. Once I start, I find it very difficult to stop! But I'm well behaved in church if you're hiring me for a wedding!
I LOVE to cook (and love to eat even more.) I have recently started eating the keto way. Which is basically eating like a caveman! If you're good I may even make you a Keto cheesecake, but no promises as they don't tend to last long in this house!


I LOVE people, Just people in general. Everyone is unique. That's just what I love. Everyone has their own story and everyone is interesting in their own way.

I LOVE to travel, and whenever possible, I am doing just that. Whether that is trekking up mountains in the lakes or moving around further afield jumping on a flight. My most recent trip was India.  I LOVE to document my travels with the photojournalistic passion that is an actual part of me.  

I HATE... (Hey, I don't hate - peace man!)

But I'd rather eat my Auntie Doreen's

toenails than eat a mushroom!


Below are just a few of my most recent trip. If you'd like to see any more my travel photography is on instagram @vixen.voyager