The power of a printed photograph.

March 4, 2018

Technology has became a part of our everyday life.With a wide selection of social media platforms. Facebook,Instagram and Twitter which saturate our world with a constant flow of digital images. Although this can be very useful. I fear that it’s sadly taking over them moments,actually being printed. 

I fear long gone are the days when the family reminisce whilst flicking through old photo albums,with fond memories. Whether that be with laughter with the passing hairstyles and the forever changing of fashion. The ever fast growth of our children. ...or tears of fond memories of loved ones,that are sadly no longer with us. There’s something extra special about a tactile photograph. Swiping and clicking through images on an iPad just don’t hold the same substance. Not only that...what happens ‘when’ not ‘if’ the hard drive breaks? Those frozen cherished moments in time, gone forever. Trust me when I say. That pain never goes away. (Yep, it happened to me) 


This is why I encourage people to choose images, as they are a sentimental piece of art. (Because let’s face it. That what they really are!) A portrait or a moment taken of a loved one. Would be chosen over a Picasso,if that was our only choice. I know it would be mine! It’s that framed picture they’d  want to hang on their wall. I Also encourage families to get their other favourite moments, that are taken on their shoot. Made into a photo album. 


Basically,I want your family and your loved ones images. To be printed to a very high standard. Framed and proudly hung and not hidden on a hard drive. 

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