Scouting for natures best backdrops!

 My love for natural backdrops. (And the joy searching for them)


Most of my photography work is shot on location. I just love the outdoors. Rather than being restricted to a studio, with the same space and backdrop. Why, when I have some of the most beautiful backdrops at mine or a customers doorstop? Seems crazy right? I mean don’t get me wrong. Some portraits are perfect for the studio. I mean right now I’m in the middle of putting together a fine art children’s portrait series. Which is actually studio work, but there’s a reason for this choice. I need not only the background but the lighting to stay consistent. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you thinking I’m having a dig at other photographers. I’m definitely not. As I do still use studio space. Just for more controlled images. 


I am often scouting around Greater Manchester for potential photography spots. Often further afield too. I get excited when I find a great one.I’m going to show you a few of my ideal natural backdrops. Some that I’ve actually photographed at… some that I’m still waiting too. So if you live near any of these places and you’re interested in a child or family session. Give me a call! 07856123230




Clifton Country Park


I feel this one should be the location I speak about first. As over a decade.I have used this location umpteenth times and more still. Not only in my family photography work but my art work too. I've also used it many a time for a run or walk with my daughters. It is such a hidden gem. One lady, who had lived not to far from Clifton Marina all her life. Was pleasantly surprised and shocked, that she didn’t know it was there. Needless to say, it is now regular place for her to visit with her daughter. Clifton Country Park has a lot of history with in the grounds. It’s used by many schools on trips to show the children the history of the wet earth colliery. If you would like to know more about that. There’s more detail here on the Salford council website


Recently the council have laid more walkable paths within the wooded area and is absolutely perfect for families to have a walk around.  Most of the time there are a lot of horseback riders trotting through. Which the children love (and if you’re anything like me as an adult me too!) It’s extra special for kids though. Depending on the time of the day, they can be found grazing in the meadow.


Once you’ve finished walking around the wooded area, there’s a lovely lake to walk around. The path around it is approximately a mile long. Depending on what time of the year you go, there are a lot of frogs spawning. You have to be extra careful at this time of year. As all these tiny frogs are making their journey across the path to the lake. Which is great for children! Also another wildlife treat are the signets. There’s plenty of swans and ducks and a lovely wooden platform with a safe guard for the children.  Why am I telling you all this?? Because its these nature walks where the children are that engaged and intrigued about what’s going on around them… plus the parents pointing out things. I’m just happily walking with you (enjoying the surroundings too) but doing what I love best and recording all these family moments.  After most spring/summer sessions at Clifton Country park. The children want grab an ice-cream and to play in the huge park that is there. After their little adventure, they’ll probably be hungry too. There’s a great picnic area and ample field for you to throw a blanket and have a picnic. It really is a fantastic  place for a day out… and have a family photo-session. 


An autumn/winter family shoot here is magical too. The colours are sooo vibrantly beautiful! All the above (except the frogs of course) with the most colourful backdrop. Maybe puddle splashing and lots of leaf throwing. Like a say, each season gives a different canvas. 


Here's just a few images that I've taken at Clifton Country Park I'll blog about another favourite spot soon!




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