A small act of kindness, that will last a lifetime.

October 24, 2018




A little bit of kindness that WILL last forever.  


I have decided that every month from now on I will be doing an act of kindness, utilising my photography to do so. To be able to do this, i will be reaching out to the public for nominations. If you know someone who needs a pick me up and a smile on their face, put them forward for a nomination! I am doing this to put some kindness back in the world. A photography shoot is a great gift as a photo last forever! Plus, a photography session is a bit of fun in an otherwise hectic world! 


Why the act of kindness?


The first nominee wasn’t nominated by the public. This lady was nominated by me and this woman inspired me come up with the  monthly act of kindness. I was scrolling through facebook posts and I came across one that really spoke to me. It hit me hard. It read 

“Bringing up children on your own. Is emotionally draining”. And it is! The emotional strain of dealing with the life decisions and guidance a growing child/ren can bring. I know, I had to make them.  


Anyway, this stopped me in my tracks. I even posted an encouraging comment. I then went on my way scrolling through other posts. That post carried on haunting me though. I sat and thought about all the times I was in tears over the lonely decision making. “Am I doing the right thing?” Am I guiding them right?” Constant worrying yet having to stay strong at the same time. It’s not an easy job being a parent with 2. Worrying solo is even harder.  


This also made me realise, during them hard times. I never really had any tangible memories of my three children with me!. I was working hard and worrying even harder to be able to stop for a minute and take in what I actually had. 


I am always behind the camera. I’m always taking photos of my family and other families. Sadly I’m rarely ever in them. I can never switch off from seeing little moments that people don’t realise they’re having. Until they see it in something I’ve captured.  I’ve heard it oh so many times. When people have came to view their images. They don’t see them subtle yet very loving moments. It’s these moments that often make them cry and them subtle moments end up in print for a constant reminder. 


That’s when it dawned on me. Let me give this lady what I never had. A photo shoot will give her beautiful pictures of her and her family that she can cherish forever! It is something that will build her spirits and let her know no matter how tough the job is of bring children up on your own it is also very rewarding and that she is doing a fantastic job.  


So I reached out to her to ask her would she like a free family shoot and large print. Something that she can look at whenever she’s on a low day and think… you know what, it’s ALL WORTH IT!! 


So folks that’s where the monthly act of kindness was born.  

Keep a lookout on my Facebook page for the the monthly nominations. Let’s all sprinkle a little bit of kindness.  






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