New year, new equipment, timeless old style

January 3, 2019

What did Santa bring for you? 


Well, he's brought me a new camera! (Well actually, I put the big red suit on and gifted myself. (Adulthood sucks!) 


Size doesn't matter after all. 


My new camera is much smaller in comparison to my old equipment — actually the main reason why I have chosen it.  This new camera will ensure that I can photograph families and weddings, in a subtle less intrusive manner, yet still in a powerful and meaningful way. 


Big cameras and lenses can intimidate children and in some cases even adults! 


Nobody wants a big camera and lens poking in their face. It can make people feel uncomfortable. (Unless you're a supermodel)  Let's face it; we're all just everyday people with a tendency to not be liked being photographed.  There's very few that I've shot that have until I've made them much more relaxed. Which with a big hefty lens and camera can sometimes take a while. Which I didn't mind, but I'd rather much make people feel a lot more at ease sooner. 



With this camera, I can sneak around at weddings undetected and capture those perfect, priceless moments, without the chance of spoiling them.


Not only is the camera small and powerful, but It is also extremely quiet. So, it wouldn't be heard clicking away while the all-important vows are spoken. 



I'm pretty excited to be using this new camera for the upcoming years. To be able to photograph in the way that I feel is best for families and my storytelling style. 



The images shown below were taken with the new small, silent but powerful camera! 






I photographed this session, partly in their home and also at their local park in Chorlton Manchester.  A mother and daughter session Katie and Lou. They both enjoyed their day very much as did I!  As the photo story here proves.  The documentary style is very much easy going and shows family life.

My primary goal is for them to have precious tangible moments to look back on in many many years to come. For them to say, yes that was how we were. 
What images would you like to look back on when you're 80?

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