Birth photography in the UK is on the increase.

January 26, 2019

I came across this article this morning, which sparked my interest and it got me thinking. 


As although I have shot three births, one of which was twins. I haven't seen a massive demand for it in the UK. Birth photography is most prominent in the US. Although recently, I have seen a higher incline in the UK over the last five years or so.  Just like the increase in baby showers in the UK. Which of course stems from the US.


I'm not sure why this is. May it's because British people are known to be private people. Less brazen than other countries?


 Or is it because expecting mothers automatically think 'oh dear, I don't want anyone photographing me when I'm at my worse! Or worse still they think the camera is going to be staring at our most private part. Even more private if you think about what's going to happen! 


That isn't how I photograph such intimate moments. My approach to taking images are subtle. Not in a way, in what some would suggest, are a graphic way. 


 The births I have shot are of my two nieces, giving birth to their beautiful boys. The third twin birth was of a friend of mine.

I believe I was only able to be let into such a private and beautiful moment, because of the personal connection I had with them. Also, my encouragement was thrown in of course, as all were extremely dubious at first. 


Only when they look back on it, do they now they realise, just how precious the picture story is. 


Birth photography isn’t what they had initially imagined. The pictures created are tasteful and precious, capturing the most intimate and cherished moments, such as the babies first breath or the first skin to skin contact, between the mother and her baby. The onlooking partners'

reaction when the moment the precious bundle arrives in the world. 



Here are a couple of images taken from my birth photography sessions for me. I was honoured and was a beautiful, emotional time. 








There are also slideshows here.



What are your thoughts on birth photography?  Is it something you would recoil from or embrace it?


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