My first same-sex family shoot!

February 5, 2019

Recently I asked for same-sex families to come forward if they would like a family photo shoot. 



After talking to my dear friend. Who happens to be in a same-sex relationship and has children. She said it would be nice to have a photoshoot. It dawned on me. I have never shot a same-sex family before! 



The fact I never had got me thinking, why is this? As I was talking to my friend about it. She said, "Maybe it's because they may have felt as being judged by the photographer." , this hurt me, so I decided to do something about it. 



I used Facebook as a platform to ask for same-sex families to come forward if this is something they would like as a family. And they did! With pretty much saying the same thing as my friend had mentioned, about them being a little uncomfortable about them judged as a family. 



Well, I hope that I change this preconception of being judged as a same-sex family. Of course, there will be photographers out there that would be uncomfortable, but not I. I revel and love to shoot love, no matter what shape or form. 



Last weekend I photographed Lorraine and her lovely girlfriend, Kayleigh. Alongside their beautiful children Layla and Poppy. (not forgetting their 3 kittens and dog) Who are clearly a massive part of their family unit. 


It was a documentary family shoot, and we had such a great day!  They and I loved every minute of it. Starting in their home and then going on to Alexandre park in South Manchester.  It was an icy and very windy day! But that didn't stop us. Poppy and Layla were chasing birds. The whole family were playing on the park. Yes even both mummy's! :) 



Poppy and Layla are such amazing children. Poppy, who has autism is such a loving child, and I just loved how she was in her little world yet still she was still in ours too! She has a great knack of switching in and out of the two worlds, which I found fascinating and beautiful. 



The bond the whole family had was beautifully clearly visible, and I took great pleasure in photographing these intimate and special moments, which to them are just probably everyday moments. 



Here are a few pics from that family documentary session. They're just moments that happened between the family in their home, in an honest approach to capture a little slice in their family life, for them to cherish forever. 





Are you in a same-sex family? If having a documentary family photo session, is something you would love to have.Or even if you're curious and have questions about it!

Please do contact me and we can have a chat! 







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